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Cultured Marble Limited Warranty

Northwest Products warrants for a period for one (1) year, from the date of shipment and/or installation from Northwest Products; that this product is free from defects in workmanship and material. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of this product, as Northwest Products may elect. Repair or replacement under this warranty shall be made if the product upon examination is determined by Northwest Products is to be defective. Replacement shall be limited to the furnishing of a product, which is substantially equivalent to the warranted product. Claims must be made in writing to Northwest Products and shall contain information confirming name of original purchaser, date of purchase, and Northwest Products invoice number. All repairs shall be made at Northwest Products plant or on the job site as selected by Northwest Products. All costs for removal and installation of the product shall be the responsibility of the owner.

This Warranty shall not apply and Northwest Products will not be liable with respect to:

1. Damage stemming from or occurring during removal or installation.
2. Cost of removal or reinstallation.
3. Product that is installed or used in a manner contrary to Northwest Products recommended procedures.
4. Cracks, scratches, chips, or breakage not due to defects in workmanship.
5. Non-uniform patterns, minor surface irregularities, color variation, and other conditions commonly found in products of nature such as stone or quarried marble.

Any implied warranties, which may arise, hereunder shall also be limited in duration to the period of time covered by this warranty. Northwest Products neither assumes nor authorizes anyone to assume on its behalf any obligations or liabilities not contained herein.

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